ReBAU transports knowledge about circularity and resource efficiency within construction industry to architects, planners, public authorities and students. Various educational formats are under development such as exhibitions, conferences or seminars.


Contact details:

Christiane Kretschmer

Faktor X Agentur der Entwicklungsgesellschaft indeland GmbH

Phone: +49 2421 22 10 84-118



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ReBAU short movie: What is resource-efficient building?

The ReBAU video breaks down the topic of resource-efficiency witin the construction industry and its great importance for the climate, energy and resource transition. It offers an easy-to-understand introduction for those who have not dealt with the topic yet.




During conferences information about the implementation of the resource transition in the construction industry is shared. A video of ReBAU’s Kick-Off event can be found here.
In addition, the ReBAU project is presented at various events in order establish a network of stakeholders from the different areas along the value chain of a building such as planners, manufacturers, recycling and deconstruction companies.

  • Find videos of our events on YouTube

Upcoming events:

The ReBau Trade fair – products and construction as resources
in february 2022 in the Rheinisches Revier, Germany
The ReBAU Trade fair is a space for the exchange of new ideas on resource conservation and circularity in the building sector. In addition to an exhibition of novel products and construction methods, the program includes presentations, discussions and workshops on circularity, urban planning, evaluation princibles, research, planning tools and more. Parts of the event will also be broadcasted online.

Material and product manufacturers, planners and designers are invited to apply to be part of the exhibition for the 1st ReBAU trade fair.
We are looking for products and construction methods that enable the transition towards a resource efficient and circular building sector.

Deadline: 15th October 2021

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Webinar session "Reinventing the Building Sector: Ressource-Saving Architecture"

A webinar for a digital excursion was dedicated to buildings made of renewable, reused and recycled building materials in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. They serve as models for a new building culture. The webinars were recorded and can be watched on Youtube.


1st Webinar I 04.02.21:
Reinventing the Region: Building with local, renewable raw materials (in German)

  • Gerhard G. Feldmeyer (HPP Architekten) & Steffen Hebestreit (INTERBODEN): The Cradle
  • Arnim Seidel (Informationsverein Holz e.V.) : Schmuttertal Gymnasium (Architekten: HK Architekten, Florian Nagler Architekten)
  • Dietmar Riecks (Banz + Riecks Architekten): viatraffic controlling


2nd Webinar I 18.02.21:
Reinventing the Present: Urban Mining in the Netherlands and Belgium (in English)

  • Marc Maurer (Maurer United): Superlocal
  • Jos de Krieger (Superuse Studios): Villa Welpeloo & Kringloop Zuid
  • Lieven Nijs (BLAF Architecten): dnA Haus


3rd Webinar I 04.03.21:
Reinventing the Future: Design for disassembly (in English with German translation)

  • Oliver Hilt (architekturagentur): Woodcube
  • Ferry in ‘t Veld (Architektur MAKEN): De Gouverneur & Bicycle storage Oostenburg
  • Doris Harding (cepezed): Building D(emountable)



Exhibition and discussion - "State of the Art - Baustelle Ressourcenwende" I 13.04.2021 live from WandelWerk Cologne (DE)

Recording on YouTube

  • Annabelle von Reutern (concular)
  • Jasmin Werker (Landmarken AG)
  • Marc Matzken (Heimspielarchitekten): townhall Korbach
  • Klaus Dosch (Faktor X Agentur)
  • Linda Hildebrand (Institut für Rezykliergerechtes Bauen der RWTH)
  • and statements of Architects for Future.

Moderated by Thomas Knüvener (architekturlandschaft)
Introduction by WandelWerk and ReBAU.


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Touring exhibition - Construction Site Resource Crisis - Architecture in Transition

1 – 26 April 2021 at WandelWerk Cologne

The ReBAU exhibition was hosted at the WandelWerk in Cologne. It was realized together with three other partners: the Institute for Reuse in Architecture / RWTH Aachen University, WandelWerk Cologne and the designer Die Servicekomplizin. The future of architectural planning, materiality, construction and design was presented.
You can find the digital exhibition on Instagram via

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Project initiation

If you have any ideas or suggestions for new projects that promote a resource transition in the built environment with reference to the Rhenish mining area, feel free to contact us! We are happy to support you.



ReBAU supports municipalities and planners with a consulting service on resource savings and recycling in new construction and redevelopment projects. Consultation hours can be arranged individually.